Sherry Banaka


Are you crying on the inside, hurting from grief or loss, feeling overwhelmed or stressed out

Are you worried something is wrong with you because you can’t “just get over it”?

Are you longing to be seen and acknowledged exactly as you are without judgement, to be honored and accepted for where you are right now?

I, too, have experienced the loss of my loved ones, and I know the raw intensity of it.  I am a mother who lost her only child in a tragic accident when he was only two years old.  When my son died, I not only suppressed my grief, but with it, overwhelming guilt and shame.  I buried all of it deep inside me for 34 years, rarely acknowledging it.  Then my husband died, too, and my grief at losing him brought my earlier, buried grief to the surface.  This time, I knew I had to seek help.  First, I found it in a bereavement support group, where I learned about grief and that, if we want to heal, we have to allow ourselves to fully face and experience our grief and learn to move through it; not over, under or around it, but through it. 

Then, I learned about Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and how to literally “tap” into the deep, dark places inside me where guilt, regret and shame lived in the shadows, to bring them into the light of my own awareness, acknowledge them, and release them.

This was not a magic bullet; I was not healed overnight.  But as I tapped using EFT, I began to discover and release the unresolved, buried emotions I was still carrying from my old, often mistaken, beliefs.  These were not just about the shock, emptiness, despair and other feelings associated with the deaths of my loved ones. Tapping helped me heal many other wounds, as well. 

Now I can cherish the memories of both my husband and my child without the severe anguish and guilt I used to carry. Now when feelings of sorrow or other emotions surface, I can tap until I move from grief to love and gratitude. 

This was such a powerful experience for me, it inspired me to become a certified EFT Practitioner.  As an EFT coach, I am now able to reach out to you.  If you are deeply grieving the loss of a child, or a spouse or another loved one, I can help you.  We will work together in a safe, non-judgmental way to help you face what is possibly too hard to face on your own.  Together we will use EFT to successfully process your negative emotions, moving through them into gratitude and love.

If you want help and support from someone who has experienced the agony of significant loss, as you have; someone who can offer a gentle, safe, effective way to help you move through your grief, please contact me.  I know from my own experience that, despite feeling this is a bottomless, endless well of heartbreak, we really can heal. 

I offer free one-hour consultations to give you the opportunity to speak with me, learn more about EFT, and determine if working with me is right for you.  I sincerely look forward to hearing from you soon. 



Sherry Banaka is listed in: Energy EFT Master Practitioners in Oregon